Our Mission

Deliver maximum upside to the Upstream with truly innovative high-performance products engineered and priced to demolish the status quo. Born from the top minds in the industry, ST9 Gas + Oil is generating revolutionary weapons of ROI for drilling, well completion and production operations across the globe.

Our team of experts, each a leader in their respective fields, has joined forces in engineering, research, quality control, design and manufacturing for an unparalleled result to ensure that upstream companies can also lead their fields.

Chris President

Engineering, Marketing & Technology Solutions

While Chris began his career as a machinist in a small family-owned business, his ideas and aspirations were never small. His early foundation drove him to earn a Masters in Design Engineering from Loughborough University and multiple leadership roles along the way. Chris’ engineering prowess opened up incredible opportunity, including many accomplishments with Caterpillar’s Well Stimulation Products and Hydraulic Business Units. As a well-respected mind in the industry, Chris’ achievements only continued, as he became Vice President of internationally recognized Weir Oil & Gas. Now, as a leading force for ST9, Chris brings a culmination of expertise and passion to create new, dynamic solutions that will ensure customers’ highest success.

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Nick Director

Corporate Strategy, Finance & Compliance

Nick’s industry knowledge runs deep – a foundation that starts with a B.S. in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University and continues through the start of his career as a Graduate Engineer for Weir Oil & Gas. Quickly earning attention and accolades, Nick transitioned to Weir’s Pressure Pumping Product Management team and was rapidly promoted to Senior Financial Analyst for Weir’s Oil & Gas Division. As an integral part of ST9’s strategy, Nick guides the planning, capital allocation and risk management activities that are critical to the advancement of company operations and competitiveness that allow ST9 customers to excel on their spreadsheets, too.

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Paul Director

Engineering, Supply Chain Management
& Business Development

A respected expert in the field, Paul holds degrees in both mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering. Paul’s initial experience includes posts at Fenner Group and JCB before taking a position with Caterpillar Hydraulics as Global SME Expert. At Caterpillar, he oversaw all sealing and non-metallic components, linking to engineering as well as commercial and supply chain arms. Paul then took on a bigger role with Weir SPM as Product Manager. Today, Paul has focused his extensive skills and management experience into developing and supplying ST9 leading-technologically for pressure and flow products.

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